Band Camp

 July 8-13, 2018


FACULTY:  Camp Director Mr. Marc Mueller will be assisted by more than 70 outstanding band directors from Oklahoma and Texas.

ELIGIBILITY:  Any student completing grades 6-12 may attend with the signature of their parents and director.

ENROLLMENT:  The enrollment application with a $175.00 tuition payment should be sent by July 1. The payment may be paid by check, credit card or cash.

ROOM AND MEALS:  Dormitory students may pay $185.00 room and meals fee by mail (with the required $175 tuition deposit) or at registration on the first day of camp.  Commuter students may purchase individual meals if desired for $8.00.  All meals will be served in the Student Union Cafeteria. The first meal will be served on Sunday of camp at 5:00 PM.

DORMITORIES:  Students will be housed in University dormitories. SWOSU students will serve as counselors and will be supervised by adult deans and assistant deans of men and women.

REGISTRATION:  You should plan to arrive on campus between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. Sunday, July 8.  If for any reason you plan to arrive later, please let us know.  Upon arrival please go to the Fine Arts Building to register.  At that time you will need the following:

  1. $185.00 room and board fee, which includes a $10.00 dorm key deposit, if not previously paid. The $10.00 dorm key deposit will be returned to you on Friday after your room is cleaned, checked, and your key is returned to the counselors.
  2. Your health form if not previously completed.

After registration, you will check into your dorm and then audition for placement in one of five concert bands.

AUDITIONSEvery student is required to audition and play in a concert band.  The auditions will begin immediately following registration on Sunday, July 8.  Sunday concert band auditions will consist of a short, assigned etude, a set of scales and sight-reading. Audition material can be downloaded from the camp website by April 1. If you are enrolled in the 1:00 Jazz Band Elective Class you must also audition for a jazz band.  Prepared material for the jazz band auditions should consist of your choice of 8-16 measures of a jazz etude, jazz solo transcription or jazz band literature.

PRIVATE LESSONS:  You may sign up for private lessons at camp registration or in the camp office any time before Tuesday of camp.  The lessons will be 30 minutes in length at a cost of $15.00 (cash or check), which will be paid to the teacher prior to taking the lesson.

TALENT SHOW:  There will be a camp talent show on Tuesday evening.  AUDITIONS WILL BE HELD ON SUNDAY, of camp FROM 3:00-5:00.  Performance is strictly voluntary.  If you plan to perform on the talent show, please bring any props, tapes or music that you need for your act.

ALL-OMEA ETUDE CLINICS:  Clinics on the Oklahoma All-OMEA Etudes will be presented during the camp on Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., by SWOSU faculty members and camp staff.


  • Reeds, valve oil, etc., if needed
  • Music for private lessons and Oklahoma All-OkMEA Etudes (optional)
  • Sheets for single bed, pillow, and pillowcases, blanket, soap, towels, washcloth, etc.
  • Portable fan (All of the rooms are air-conditioned but air-conditioning is unpredictable)
  • Sport clothes (jeans, shorts, etc.), that conform to your school’s dress code, for daily wear; swim suit
  • Dress clothes for Friday afternoon concert
  • Spending money for snacks

CAMP OFFICE:  The camp office, which opens June 6, is located in Fine Arts Center 103. The camp office telephone number will be (580) 774-3296 (will not be active until June 6).

CHECK-OUT:  The camp will end on Friday, July 14, after the final concert, which will be held in the Fine Arts Auditorium beginning at 2:00 p.m. You may check out of the dorm before your band performs, from 12:30-4:00 pm.  Rooms will be available in the Fine Arts Building for luggage and equipment during the concerts.

RECORDINGS AND PHOTOGRAPHS:  Recordings and DVDs will be available for all concerts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.  Photographs of each camp band will also be available. Orders for recordings or photos will be taken in the lobby at the final concert.

REFUNDS:  The tuition payment is refundable by written request postmarked on or before July 1. The $175.00 tuition payment will not be refunded after that date for any reason. Room and meal payments are refundable due to medical reasons until 5:00 PM of the first day of the camp.  After that time no refunds will be issued. The university will need name, address, phone number, and social security number of the person requesting the refund in order to process any refunds. 3% processing fee on credit card transactions may not be able to be refunded depending on card issuer.

INFORMATION:  For any additional information, please write or call the SWOSU Band Camps, 100 Campus Dr., Weatherford, OK 73096; (580) 774-3708 or (580) 774-3296 after June 1 or email

Audition Material posted after March 1

**A 3% processing fee will be added automatically at time of transaction for any credit card transaction via the website or mailed application **

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