Band Camp Audition Music

2016 SWOSU Band Camp Audition Music

If you downloaded the audition music between 4/1/16 and 4/3/16, please check back to make sure the audition music is correct. Corrected audition music should be posted by 4/7/16.

Middle School Band Camp audition music can be found here: Middle School Band Camp Audition Music (PDF) (note: only for the Middle School Band Camp NOT Band Camp as a middle school student)

Band Camp Flute Audition Music

Band Camp Oboe Audition Music

Band Camp Bassoon Audition Music

Band Camp Clarinet Audition Music

Band Camp Low Clarinet Audition Music

Band Camp Saxophone Audition Music (all saxophones)

Band Camp Trumpet Audition Music

Band Camp Horn Audition Music

Band Camp Trombone Audition Music

Band Camp Euphonium Audition Music

Band Camp Euphonium TC Audition Music

Band Camp Tuba Audition Music

Band Camp Percussion Audition Music


All Etudes

58 thoughts on “Band Camp Audition Music

  1. Dr. Talley Post author

    Hello Kimmy,

    Unfortunately, no we don’t have any recordings of any of the etudes. I would suggest you take a look at just a few measures at a time, practice with a metronome, and go very slowly. Don’t try to play to the end at once, but try to get a few measures down pretty well before moving on to the next few measures.
    Good luck!


  2. Dr. Talley Post author

    Hello Ashley,

    Yes, we have set the date. Next year’s Band Camp will be July 10-15, 2016. Hope to see you there!


  3. Madi

    Hi, I’d just like to make sure that the etudes for HS do not need to be memorized. As a followup, do the audition pieces for the jazz band need to be memorized?

  4. Dr. Talley Post author

    Hello Madi,

    None of the audition material needs to be memorized. Good luck!


  5. Dr. Talley Post author


    Audition music will be posted by April 1. Applications are posted now either online (at the link here: ) or PDF versions listed on the right side of the camps page.

    The schedule for 2016 will be very similar to the one posted for 2015.

  6. Isaac

    I just checked the audition music for this year and the top of the page says “2016 SWOSU Band Camp Audition Music,” but after clicking on the music, I noticed that it’s the same as last year’s for both saxophone and trumpet. (And possibly the other instruments, I didn’t look at any other instruments’ music last year)
    Is this a mistake, or is this on purpose?

  7. Dr. Talley Post author

    Sorry about that. There seems to be some issue with the last year’s audition music being posted for this year. We will try to correct it early this week. For the time being, all audition music has been removed until we can sort out what went wrong. Sorry

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