Cantiamo Solo Voice Camp

Cantiamo: Solo Voice Camp

June 20 – 21, 2019

2019 Solo Voice Camp Application

2019 Solo Voice Camp Information

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“My experience at Cantiamo Solo Voice Camp was challenging and rewarding.  I genuinely grew as a singer and musician.  My favorite part of the camp was the master class where we listened to other singers and applied what they learned to ourselves.  I had fun working with so many talented vocalists.  I also loved working with Dr. Robin and Kristin Griffeath.  They took time with each student and helped everyone improve as singing artists. I cannot wait for next year!” – Ashton Davis, Enid High School

“I left with a renewed sense of confidence.  To work with your team for such a short time on a song I’ve been singing for years, and then perform it better than ever was exciting! Thank you again for all you taught me.” – Elaina Kuhlman, Marlow Middle School

FACULTY: Dr. Robin Griffeath, Dr. Kristin Griffeath, Dr. Daniel Farris.

ELIGIBILITY: Any student completing grades 6-12 may attend, with the signature of their parent.

Complete information is on the VOICE CAMP INFORMATION sheet.    

Vocal Camp Information Sheet



• 4:00 Group meeting, introductions, and warm-up

• 6:00-8:00 Supervised Practice Session

• 8:00 Recital

• 9:00 Movie and popcorn

• 11:00 Lights out


• 8:30 Group meeting and warm-up

• 9:15-11:00 Session 1 (Topics)

• 11:00 Master Class

• 1:00 Mock Audition

• 2:00-4:00 Session 2 (Topics)

• 4:00 Dress rehearsal

• 5:00 Dinner, change for recital

7:00 Final Recital