Cantiamo Solo Voice Camp

Cantiamo: Solo Voice Camp

June 20 – 21, 2019

2019 Solo Voice Camp Application

2019 Solo Voice Camp Information


“My experience at Cantiamo Solo Voice Camp was challenging and rewarding.  I genuinely grew as a singer and musician.  My favorite part of the camp was the master class where we listened to other singers and applied what they learned to ourselves.  I had fun working with so many talented vocalists.  I also loved working with Dr. Robin and Kristin Griffeath.  They took time with each student and helped everyone improve as singing artists. I cannot wait for next year!” – Ashton Davis, Enid High School

“I left with a renewed sense of confidence.  To work with your team for such a short time on a song I’ve been singing for years, and then perform it better than ever was exciting! Thank you again for all you taught me.” – Elaina Kuhlman, Marlow Middle School

FACULTY: Dr. Robin Griffeath, Dr. Kristin Griffeath, Dr. Daniel Farris.

ELIGIBILITY: Any student completing grades 6-12 may attend, with the signature of their parent.

CURRICULUM: Campers will prepare solo music for use in NATS or OSSAA Solo and Ensemble Competitions with the help of master teachers in rehearsals and master classes. Students will learn technical and interpretive approaches to the songs, as well as foreign language pronunciation and singing technique. Students also will participate in a mock audition and voice-related electives (with topics ranging from vocal health to musical theater). Students may elect to participate in a recital on Friday evening, June 24.

ENROLLMENT: The enrollment application with a $50.00 tuition payment should be postmarked by June 13, 2016. The payment may be paid by check, credit card or cash. Applications for tuition scholarships are at, and are determined by the vocal faculty based on need and the quality of the application. If you are participating in the SWOSU Choral Camp, the tuition fee for this camp is only $30.00.

ROOM AND MEALS: Dormitory students may pay $50.00 room and meals fee by mail (with the required $50.00 tuition deposit) or at registration on the first day of camp. Students who have attended the SWOSU Choral Camp earlier in the week will be charged at the reduced rate of $70.00 for tuition and room and board. Commuter students may purchase individual meals if desired for $8.00. All meals will be served in the Student Union Cafeteria.

DORMITORIES: Students will be housed in University dormitories. SWOSU students will serve as counselors and will be supervised by adult deans and assistant deans of men and women.

REGISTRATION: You should plan to arrive on campus between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. Thursday, June 22, 2017. If you are participating in our Choral Camp, you can check-in with the camp office after the concert. If for any reason you plan to arrive later, please let us know. Upon arrival please go to the Fine Arts Building to register. At that time you will need the following:

1. $50.00 room and board fee, which includes a $10.00 dorm key deposit (if not previously paid). The $10.00

dorm key deposit will be returned to you on Wednesday after your room is cleaned, checked, and your key is returned to the counselors.

2. Your health form (if not previously completed).



• 4:00 Group meeting, introductions, and warm-up

• 6:00-8:00 Supervised Practice Session

• 8:00 Recital

• 9:00 Movie and popcorn

• 11:00 Lights out


• 8:30 Group meeting and warm-up

• 9:15-11:00 Session 1 (Topics)

• 11:00 Master Class

• 1:00 Mock Audition

• 2:00-4:00 Session 2 (Topics)

• 4:00 Dress rehearsal

• 5:00 Dinner, change for recital

7:00 Final Recital


• Sheets for twin bed, pillow, and pillowcases, blanket, soap, towels, washcloth, etc.

• Portable fan (All of the rooms are air-conditioned but air-conditioning is unpredictable)

• Sport clothes (jeans, shorts, etc.), that conform to your school’s dress code, for daily wear; swim suit

• Singers need to wear performance attire at the Friday concert. Men: slacks, dark shoes and socks, shirt and tie.

Women: dress/skirt at knee or lower or dress pants, shoulders covered, closed-toe shoes, hair away from face.

• Spending money for snacks

CAMP OFFICE: The camp office, which opens June 5th, is located in Fine Arts Center 103. The camp office telephone number will be (580) 774-3296 (will not be active until June th).

CHECK-OUT: The camp will end on Friday evening, June 24 after a final concert which will be held in the Berrong Music Hall room 101 beginning at 7:00 p.m. Check-out of the dorms will occur before or after the final concert.

REFUNDS: The tuition payment is refundable by written request postmarked on or before June 13, 2017. The $50.00 tuition deposit will not be refunded after that date for any reason.

Room and meal payments (only) are refundable due to medical reasons until 5:00 PM on the first day of the camp. After that time no refunds will be issued. The university will need name, address, phone number, and social security number of the person requesting the refund in order to process any refunds. 3% processing fee on credit card transactions may not be able to be refunded depending on card issuer.

INFORMATION: For any additional information, please write or call the SWOSU Solo Voice Camp, 100 Campus Dr., Weatherford, OK 73096; (580) 774-3708 or (580) 774-3296 after June 5 or email

All SWOSU Music Camp application forms and updated information pages may be viewed and downloaded at:

Credit card payments via PayPal available at this website after March 1.

**A 3% processing fee will be added automatically at time of transaction for any credit card transaction via the website or mailed application **

Southwestern Oklahoma State University includes one of Oklahoma’s largest music schools – one of established excellence. Undergraduate degrees offered at Southwestern include: Bachelor of Music Education (Instrumental/General), Bachelor of Music Education (Vocal/General), Bachelor of Music (Performance or Elective Studies in Business), and Bachelor of Music (Music Therapy). The Graduate Division of the department offers the Master of Music in Performance, and the Master of Music in Music Education.

Southwestern offers a full range of scholarship and financial aid to prospective university students. For information about scholarships, contact Dr. David Bessinger, Chairman; Department of Music: Southwestern Oklahoma State University; 100 Campus Drive; Weatherford, OK 73096. Telephone: (580) 774-3708 Email:

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