Band Camp Schedule

You may view/download the 2013 Band Camp Schedule at the following link (PDF Format):

2013 Band Camp Schedule

12 thoughts on “Band Camp Schedule

  1. James

    My wife just noticed the band camp application asks for the directors signature. School is already out, can we send it without his signature?

  2. Dr. Talley Post author

    Yes, you can send it in without the director’s signature. We prefer to have it, or at the least, have the director aware that their student is attending the camp. Most directors are very supportive of their students attending any camp, but since they aren’t our students (yet), we prefer the director know just in case they might have any reservation about the student attending the camp.


  3. Lydai

    I have a few quick question. i’m the new color guard captain and I was wondering if you teach that field this year for camp. also when is the deadline to register?

  4. Dr. Talley Post author


    We have 2 color guard electives. You do not have to audition for either. The concert band is the core of the camp, and you would still need to audition for a band, but you can definitely enroll in both the color guard electives. Thanks

  5. Melody

    I noticed on the electives that they have guitar, do I need my guitar? Or will one be provided?

  6. Dr. Talley Post author

    You will need to bring your own guitar as we don’t have any that are available to be checked-out. Thanks

  7. KImberly Aldrich

    I noticed when we enrolled that there was a band leadership elective for the first session, but I noticed on the schedule posted that there is no band leadership offered. Where will she be put if this is not offered? Will she have a choice?

  8. Dr. Talley Post author

    Sorry about that. Band Leadership is still happening as an elective, but it inadvertently got left off the posted schedule. I will try to fix that soon. Sorry for the confusion.

  9. Candace

    Just curious what the difference is between middle school band camp and band camp besides the duration. I will have an 8th grader for the 2014 summer camp. Trying to figure out which would be best suited for her.

  10. Dr. Talley Post author

    Hello Candace,

    Thanks for your message. The Band Camp is available for middle school through high school students. The competition is more difficult due to having to compete for a spot in one of the bands against juniors and seniors. There are also more choices of electives, more evening activities, and a lot more campers. We generally run around 550 campers for the Band Camp and around 275 for the Middle School Camp. If your daughter is comfortable staying away from home, and is not intimated by older high school students, the Band Camp offers more experiences. If she would rather be around more students her own age or hasn’t stayed away from home very much, the Middle School Band Camp is also a great experience.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


  11. Darian Nance

    I noticed that the schedule says July 7 but the start date on the home page is July 6. So, I was wondering if the camp started on Sunday or Monday.

  12. Dr. Talley Post author


    This year’s camp does start on Sunday, July 6. The schedule still on the website is from the 2013 camp. We won’t have a final schedule for the 2014 until late June, but I like to leave that schedule posted so that everyone can see what the typical schedule looks like. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks


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