12 thoughts on “Middle School Band Camp Schedule

  1. Herb Moring

    Have received nothing about band camps as yet. Would like to post poster(s). Understand that most of the rest can be downloaded. However, at that, I still prefer the print packets that you have sent in the past.

    Herb Moring
    Band Director
    North Rock Creek School
    Shawnee, OK

  2. Dr. Talley Post author

    Hello Herb,

    I’m sorry that you were left off the mailing list. We updated our mailing database and I inadvertently left a few schools off. I will get a packet with poster out to you today. Thanks for letting me know!


  3. Yolanda

    Hello! I have a few questions about the application form for the 2014 Middle School Band Camp: For the elective classes, there is one that is Jazz Improvisation. To sign up for it, does your child have to play a jazz instrument, or an instrument that would typically be in a jazz band? It has a blank next to it to mark what instrument your child plays. Could my child sign up for it if they played flute, for example?
    Thank you! :)

  4. Dr. Talley Post author

    Hello Yolanda,

    Yes, any instrument can enroll in the jazz improvisation class. We put an instrument line on that elective mainly for those students who will be playing a different instrument than in concert band so we can place them with like instruments. Otherwise we assume their concert instrument is the instrument they will play in jazz improvisation.


  5. Jennifer Atkinson

    Since we are out of school for the summer, I have no way to contact the band director. What do I do about the band directors signature?

  6. Dr. Talley Post author

    We prefer to have the band director’s approval of any of their students attending our camps as a courtesy. We will accept applications without a director’s signature, but we want to make every effort for the director to know that one of their students is attending our camps. Most of the time this is not a problem (as most directors encourage summer music camp attendance), but we want to maintain a positive relationship with area band directors in case a director does not want a student to attend a camp. To my knowledge, this has never happened, but we keep that signature line as a courtesy.


  7. Jaren Browne

    I signed up for the electronic music class and they said it was full what can i do about this?

    Jaren Browne

  8. Dr. Talley Post author

    Unfortunately we have to put a limit on the music technology/electronic music class due to the limited number of computers we have. You can choose another elective when you check-in on Sunday. Thanks

  9. Justin

    If I wish to try out for the talent show by playing the piano would I need to provide my own piano?

  10. Dr. Talley Post author

    Hello Justin,

    We have a 9 foot grand piano that you can use for your talent show audition. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  11. Dr. Talley Post author

    Hopefully by March 1. We are working out an online payment system and are waiting to post the applications until then. You will still be able to fill out a paper application too, but we want to post all of it all at once. Thanks for you patience!

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